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D.C. Has Red, Yellow & Blue Metro Lines
- It's Time for a WATER LINE!

Welcome To Water Line Metro...

Water Line Metro, Inc. is committed to providing the safest, most efficient, and ‘Green’ Customer-owned, High Speed Commuter Ferry Service to ease the commuting burden of Maryland and Virginia residents.

Water Line Metro represents an entirely new development in mass transit service for the Washington, D.C. area.  Water Line Metro seeks to use its patent pending, proprietary business method to inaugurate the first successful High Speed Commuter Ferry Service on the Potomac River.

Water Line Metro will use the most advanced maritime transportation technology available and its unique ability to transfer users directly from its Vessels to D.C.’s MetroRail system with no environmental degradation. This level of connectivity will ensure the typical user saves up to 30-Work Days of travel time per year.

Now the question that will be on everyone's mind during this eco-friendly, high speed commute will be....

Take a virtual tour of the Waterline
Ferry path! Click the video player
above to download and play our
virtual tour video.
...what will you do with your Month?